Royal Mountain Travel
2022 Impact Report
2022 Impact Report
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From Our Employees

"Drive Community Change Through Travel"

2022 was a very fruitful year for me and our organization as a whole. The year showed a good glimpse of revival as the industry slowly started to reemerge form the pandemic. We utilized this year to restrategize our organizational focus towards community empowerment and promote community-based tourism. We are confident that we will grow further in the years to come.

Shiva Dhakal

Managing Director

"For a travel passionate person like me who always wanted to make a difference in the community, I believe Royal Mountain Travel is a perfect place to be. With our values and mission to drive changes in the community. 2022 specifically was a very productive and exciting year for me as we worked together to understand the true purpose of our organization and the goals we are destined to achieve."

Bikal Khanal

Chief Purpose Officer

“I have been working in this company for more than a decade now and it has helped me form a better view on what purposeful business can mean. I am working for a good company, and my work gives me tremendous satisfaction. The core value of the company inspires me to perform my duty, my Karma.”

Rabi Sthapit

Head-Travel Consultant & HR

"I have been working with RMT since its starting days. Working with this company has been a wonderful experience to me and it has helped me in many ways . I love my work as it gives me the opportunity to show people my beautiful country and its rich culture."

Puskar Aryal

Tour Leader

From Our Employees

"RMT has helped me to learn and groom myself as a professional Travel consultant. The company has helped me gain knowledge about sustainable tourism and its benefits to the environment. Having information on environment protection has changed my mindset as well as practices in my professional and personal life. My journey up until now in RMT has been fruitful and I hope to see the company growing in upcoming years."

Yashodha Adhakari

Assistant Travel Consultant

"The team at Royal Mountain Travel and their effort has always kept me going. I am thankful to have a strong team backing me. I hope we keep pushing each other to go that extra mile. I believe the next year will be happier and fulfilling for all."

Shristi Shrestha

Senior Travel Consultant

"I'm grateful that RMT is my first workplace. Ever since day one, Royal Mountain Travel has provided me with lots of learning opportunities that have refined my knowledge and experiences. RMT has also helped me become a better public speaker and interact well with new people.”

Ashish Pradhan

Senior Travel Consultant

"I am passionate about working in the tourism industry and am thrilled to be a part of Royal Mountain Travel, a tour company that values sustainable tourism and has a dynamic and passionate team. It is a pleasure to work with motivated and enthusiastic colleagues and to contribute to positive change in the world through our responsible and respectful travel practices. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with this amazing company and pursuing my passion for tourism."

Akshay Man Singh Basnet

Tour Leader

Our industry is finally gaining some momentum after the harsh years of the pandemic. With our operations finally getting back to normal we have successfully started to operate trips, and are working to keep supporting all our communities.

We have placed stronger focus toward our values of:
Community Empowerment
, Environment Stewardship and Giving Back.

We are working towards building a community of like minded professionals and stakeholders in the industry, who share our understanding of sustainability and raise awareness about green practices.
We seek to implement a joint approach towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and create a sustainable travel industry.


We focused on Community Development and empowerment, with an aim to strengthen Community Based Tourism in Nepal.

We held innovation and creativity workshops for our staff.

We completed our sustainability audit and were recertified as Travelife certified members.

We have also created and communicated our sustainable action plans for 2023 to all our staff members with an aim to create a sustainability driven workforce.

We resumed our staff field trips that compliment better product knowledge and team rejuvenation. Our Staff members reconnected with the communities we support and re-explored the potential they possess.
We completed the development of our new website with added features that focus on better user interface, proper communication of values, and a section dedicated to information on sustainability pratices.
We created some meaningful partnerships for impacts and participated in a survey to measure the wellbeing of local communities in the Everest region. In addition, we were also recognized by numerous renowned international platforms for our initiations and values.

Our Impact
Achievements in 2022

Our commitment within our operations remained intact. We further worked to engage our staff Travelife training. We continued our partnerships with recycling and maintenance partners. We are also working to add more electric vehicles to our fleet and prioritize their use.

We introduced a new Sustainability Performance measurement system for accomodation suppliers. We are hopeful that we will be able to share knowledge and better practices with our suppliers and assist them to incorporate sustainability practices into their operations.

We have completed our sixth year of collaboration with Travelife. We completed our sustainability audit from Travellife and were recertified as partners.

Commitment To the Product

We launched 5 New itineraries in 2022. We focused to develop new destinations and incorporate new communities in our existing product line.

Nepal | Everest

The Foothills of Everest

The foothills of Everest is one of the best trips in the lower Everest region. This new trip offers the view of Everest and other eight-thousanders peaks in just a few hours drive from Kathmandu.

Nepal | Langtang

Langtang Surya Peak Trek

The trails take you across sacred lakes, into the lush green Rhododendron forest and continue up to scenic hamlets where you will find yourself surrounded by the stunning views of some of the tallest peaks in the world.

Nepal | Kathmandu

Cook and Dine with Local Family

Cooking with the locals and having dinner with the local family in Nepal is one of the best experiences one could get on their Nepal trip.

Nepal | Kathmandu

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

This trip is specially designed with a vision to detox your body and mind through yoga and meditation sessions along with sightseeing tours of the beautiful Kathmandu valley, the birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini and the beautiful city of lakes, Pokhara.

Nepal | Pokhara

Hemjakot Day Hike

Hemjakot Village is perfect for a one-day hike around Pokhara. Just 9.5 km north of Pokhara, Hemjakot is a very clean, quiet, and pleasant settlement.

Our sister company, Community Homestay Network was able to identify and add 11 new communities to their network of homestays. They also scouted 16 additional community homestays across various regions of the country.

Within our office, staffs were engaged in redefining customer experiences of an authentic Nepal. Our employees even conduct cooking classes for travelers in their homes with their families.

Our sister company, Community Homestay Network in collaboration with ICIMOD launched the Red Panda Trail, with an objective to further involve the Eastern Region of Nepal as tourism destinations.

to the People

We conducted Design thinking and Creativity workshops for our staff members to design better experiences for travelers.

We launched an employee satisfaction survey to receive feedback from our staff members to further improve the quality of our workspaces.

We initiated employee field trips to communities we work with. We believe trips like this will help our staff members better connect with local communities, better understand our products, and also rejuvenate their year long stress.

We organized a special Christmas party at our office for our staff members to better foster interpersonal relationships, communication, and take a break from a busy autumn tourism season.

Royal Mountain Travel

was awarded the WTM Responsible Tourism Award “Gold” for Driving Community Change Through Tourism.

Royal Mountain Travel was awarded with MEANINGFUL TOURISM AWARD 2022 for employee development and wellbeing.

We partnered with Planet Happiness to deploy and report a survey on destination wellbeing in the Sagarmatha (Everest) region of Nepal.
Planet Happiness

We have continued our partnership with our esteemed international partners as we slowly get back to previous business flow.

Thank You

As we head into 2023, we are excited to carry forward our pursuit to become more sustainable and to push ourselves further as a responsible company.

We would like to thank all our partners and travelers for yet another rewarding year and for entrusting us with curating your experiences. Hopefully we have helped you take a part of Nepal back with you.

For more information on Royal Mountain Travel, feel free to visit our website at

For any questions and/or feedback, please email our Impact and Sustainability Department at [email protected]

We also thank Outside, a digital agency studio based in Kathmandu, for helping us with the strategy and design of our impact report.

Designed and Developed by: Outside